1. irmayuliana-art:

    Marina C.


    8.5 x11

    Irma Yuliana Barbosa

  2. irmayuliana-art:

    mind maze

    pencil sketch

    8.5 x 11

    Irma Yuliana Barbosa

  3. irmayuliana-art:

    Ryan James Caruthers 

    Pencil sketch


    Irma Yuliana Barbosa

  4. irmayuliana-art:

    Zoe G

    pencil sketch


    Irma Yuliana Barbosa

  5. irmayuliana-art:

    st vincent

    pencil sketch


    Irma Yuliana Barbosa


  6. My first short film


  8. honey, I’ve got more soul than you’ll ever know.

    too bad you killed me, I wasn’t ready to be a ghost.

  9. billienelson:

    this is what we looked like before we left the house.

  10. one last crazy thing to end the year all right. 

    I’m bottle blonde baby

  11. irmayuliana-art:

    self portrait 

    acrylic and ink 

    Irma Yuliana

  12. irmayuliana-art:

    self portrait - ink and pastel

    Irma Yuliana

  13. irmayuliana-art:



    Irma Yuliana 

  14. newest addition 

    scabby scab scab, excuse the granny panties.

  15. Birdy on Flickr.

    My first tattoo is for my mother; she is everything. At seventeen she put aside every dream she ever had to raise me along with my two younger sisters; and at seventeen I marked my spine to carry those dreams of hers forward. She showered us with unconditional love and showed us to be strong. As a single mother of three she’s worked day in and day out ever since I can remember to give us everything she never had. All she ever asked in return was for us to never give up on our dream (what ever that might be). The feather symbolizes the ability to fly toward that dream and see every thing that there is to be seen, to never fear the unknown and fly as high as one can go. My mother did not let her dreams go, but placed them in three sets of hands to take control and flourish.This feather is a special symbol of the love I have for her, the world, and everything that has not been seen.

    i really love this photograph, and it’s nice to be reminded.